The Curated Closet Series | Day 1 | Solid Colors & Subtle Patterns

Over the next 14 days, I will document my outfits and how I feel about them. It is one of the first exercises of the Curated Closet book by Anuschka Rees. The exercise is supposed to help you go through your CURRENT clothes and determine which of the pieces you really enjoy and which ones you could probably replace with a better fit or style or which ones you could remove from your closet completely. Continue reading “The Curated Closet Series | Day 1 | Solid Colors & Subtle Patterns”


first things first

I want to share with you all where I am in my style/fashion journey before I start posting on more specific topics like hauls, recommended brands, and the like.

I feel like I am somewhat behind the times for just starting to learn about ethical/eco fashion, but better late than never, right? I think my ethical fashion understanding began earlier this year while I was browsing Instagram and YouTube for new people to follow. I honestly can’t even remember what started it all, but since discovering this new world of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, I haven’t been able to stop going deeper and deeper into it.

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