Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe (& Style Update)

Wow, it’s been a long time. I’m glad to be back writing, though, and I have a bunch of ideas coming your way! I sat down the other night and made myself a nice spreadsheet with blog post ideas, post due dates, etc. Hopefully that will keep me on track (heh). I want to expand the blog a bit as well, so stay tuned! After this post I will start posting weekly content on health and beauty, skincare, travel, food, information about the environment and whatever else comes my way. I hope you enjoy!


This post is all about my updated style and what I’m wearing these days. Some backstory… I hurriedly decided to start my first capsule wardrobe during Spring 2017, which I consider to include the months of March, April, and May. I believe I started planning the pieces in early March and didn’t truly finalize the capsule until later that month. I’m not sure exactly why I decided to start with spring, considering we were moving across the country to a completely different climate and new jobs (same company) during that time, and I really wasn’t sure what to expect with the weather and office-wear. Thankfully, my spring capsule wardrobe was a success.  I felt confident and comfortable, and considering those are my main goals of my “style,” I was pretty satisfied. My plan is to post about my 2017 spring capsule wardrobe when I eventually do my 2018 spring capsule wardrobe. I think it would be such a fun exercise to compare the pieces and see how trends played their roles in my choices and just how I will have changed in a year’s time. But enough about last season! Let’s get on to the sweet summertime.

My style has changed somewhat significantly since my first posts on here during my 2-week style “challenge.” I realized that I was trying to wear too many layers and the outfits just turned out to be too fussy for me to really feel comfortable and confident. I’ve since streamlined my accessories and outfit layers for more simple, classic, structured look, while still including some frilly and hippie-ish vibes. My 2017 summer capsule wardrobe consists of 24 tops and bottoms that satisfy my office attire, weekend wear, and occasion-wear and will last me through the end of August. I did not include jackets or shoes, but you will see a picture down below of the shoes I have been reaching for most often lately.

First, some side notes:

I keep a small set of exercise/hiking/camping/adventuring clothes that I can pull from year-round. This keeps my packing and planning down to a minimum and I’m quite enjoying it.

I don’t bother to assign my outerwear to certain capsules. I wear whichever one feels the most appropriate based on the day’s weather or one that I just feel like wearing at the time. My go-to jackets for this summer have been my jean jacket and my long yellow jacket, but really it’s just been so hot that I can’t be bothered with another layer.

I don’t worry about shoes, either. I have a couple of everyday pairs, like my recently thrifted oxfords (middle of picture below), my brown flats, and gray sneakers. I also have maybe about 5 pairs of nicer shoes – wedges, sandals, heels, etc. I don’t like the idea of suddenly having an occasion to go to and not being able to wear a certain pair of shoes because they aren’t in my current capsule. Since I don’t have too many, I like to be able to see them all, all of the time.


Next, some style notes:

I’m really enjoying trousers or comfy jeans with a structured cotton blouse. You can see in the collage below that I have quite a few of them. Most of them are white or gray, like the ones from Tradlands. However, I recently thrifted the dark blue one with the beige diamond patterns. It has bell sleeves! I know it’s a recent trend, but I really like the look and I think it could offer some breezy relief from the hot desert temps we’ve been having lately. I plan to pair it with my white shorts and either my flats or brown leather flip flops. I also thrifted a cool billowy white button down with some great flower embroidery from my local Savers a few weeks ago. I’ve worn it a few times already, and I love that it matches with just about any pants I have.


Speaking of pants, I’ve really streamlined my casual pants selection and I think it makes putting an outfit together so much easier. I know that just about every top in my wardrobe goes with every bottom. I currently have 1 pair of black jeans (these will likely be a year-round thing), 2 pairs of blue jeans, 1 pair of white jean shorts, and 1 pair of cut off Levi’s jean shorts (cut by yours truly!). I could probably remove one of the blue jeans because I honestly haven’t worn them yet this season. I’m sure I will eventually. They are tight and very high waisted – good for when I tie the front of my button downs during a weekend getaway. The jeans I have been wearing were thrifted recently from a secondhand shop close to where we live. They are “vintage style” Citizens of Humanity jeans that I purchased for $30. I remember my first pair of *new* CoH jeans and they were definitely not that price, ha! Anyway, they have that great lived-in feel and fit, and they come about mid-waist height which is where I’m preferring my pants to sit these days. And the last pants-related style I’ve been loving is the bottom cuff. I cuff literally all of my pants. I think it gives a flattering look, especially for us shorties out there, and I find that it’s just generally more comfortable than having fabric bunched around my ankles.

I’ve been loving the light, bright, and airy vibe of my summer capsule wardrobe and the streamlined amount of pieces. I’ve felt comfortable and confident in just about every outfit I’ve worn so far this summer, and I look forward to continuing to mix and match pieces for even more looks!

I have some wishlist items that I will include in an upcoming post. We’ll see if I bite the bullet and actually purchase! Something I always have to remember is that a capsule wardrobe does not have to be perfect. There will be plenty more spring capsule wardrobes in my future to do it all over again.

What are some of your wishlist items or your favorite pieces in your summer capsule? I would love to see what everyone is loving this season!

See ya next week!



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