The Curated Closet Series | Days 12&13 | Green Pants Forever

I think of Kim Possible every time I pull out these green jeans, and I am so tempted to wear a black shirt with them. One day, one day.

Day 12: Quick Picks for Date Night and Visiting Friends


I wanted to switch it up a bit with the pants, really because I wanted to keep things interesting for this series, but also because I like to switch it up sometimes with my outfits and pulling out these green pants is an easy way to do it. Having neutral shirts makes wearing these pants a reality. Of I didn’t have a variety of different neutral colors and styles of shirts in my wardrobe, I don’t think I would wear these pants nearly as often. I love to wear them with this cream colored long sleeve and either my jean jacket or my black jacket. I can also wear them with a similar shirt I have that has thin stripes, or I can dress it up a bit and wear a nice black or white blouse.

This outfit was easy to throw together for a quick transition from work clothes to date night and then a friend’s house. It all definitely went in the hamper as soon as I got home because we decided hibachi would be a good idea for date night. It was delicious, but my scarf and jacket (and my hair) later smelled of teriyaki chicken.

Outfit deets:

  1. Scarf \\ Gap \\ there are someΒ really great organic cotton scarves on Etsy
  2. Jean jacket \\ Old Navy via ThredUp
  3. Cream long sleeve shirt \\ J. Crew \\Β eco-friendly option by Alternative Apparel
  4. Green Jeans \\ ThredUp (I am blanking on the brand at this moment. I will update later!)
  5. My usual flats (see previous posts for more details)


Day 13: Grilled Cheese and a Bike Ride


When we were in college, C used to make these fancy grilled cheese sandwiches and we would eat them with a bowl of soup. It was the perfect winter Saturday meal when it was snowing outside and we both had a ton of homework to do. We haven’t had his grilled cheeses in a while, but he decided he wanted to make them this past weekend. I was beyond excited.

I went to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients: cheese, tomatoes, bread. As I was almost done paying for my items, the cashier casually said, “Looks like this is lunch.” “Yep,” I replied. Then he looked at me a little funny, paused, and then asked, “Do you… need a knife?”

Yes, I’m going to take this untoasted bread and cold cheese and tomatoes and make a sandwich as soon as I get outside. In fact, maybe I’ll start munching at the checkout line.

You never know, though. I thought about the whole conversation afterwards. Maybe he thought I was going on a picnic or that I was on a road trip and was going to eat a nice cheese and tomato sandwich in the car. Maybe some people don’t have a knife to spare to cut the cheese with (heh).

Anyways, back to the clothes. I grabbed my green jeans again because they were at the top of the drawer and paired them with a simple white v-neck t-shirt. Then, I chose my black jacket to finish the look with just a hint of Kim Possible. This outfit is super easy. No accesories or much thinking is really necessary. It allows me to move also! We went on a bike ride later during the afternoon and the pants didn’t want to cut off my circulation or fall down. The shirt is thin and flowy enough to keep me from sweating (too much).


  1. Cami \\ seeΒ post for Day 1
  2. White v-neck \\ Madewell \\Β eco-friendly
  3. Green pants
  4. Black jacket \\ Anthropologie \\ keep an eye out for demon jackets on ThredUp or other second-hand sites
  5. The usual flats (again)

We’re almost done! I’m excited to finish up and answer the questions in the book. Maybe I’ll discover a gap in my wardrobe that I can fill later with some well-researched pieces.

Until next time,



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