The Curated Closet Series | Day 14! | Spring Florals

Wow! Day 14. Towards the end there I didn’t think this day would come. I’m excited for the end of this series because I found out it is indeed quite a bit of work to rush home, take pictures, and write a blog post everyday (or so). However, I think this series has helped me to get more into the blogging habit and has given me a lot of good practice with photography, editing, and writing. I have a few more post ideas for the future. I think my new sustainable schedule will be new posts once or twice every week.

Now, let’s talk spring colors!

My dad once told me that he thought this jacket was really my style. I remember that every time I wear it. I also remember thinking in reply, “Really? I only brought it on this trip because I saw it in the back of my closet and thought I would give it a go.” Now it has a more meaningful essence to it and I probably wear it more often because of that. One part about living away from family is that you have the chance to miss them. It’s the little memories like this one that make me feel closer to home on days when I need it most.

Do you remember when I talked about simple layers? I mentioned that it feels good when I can feel cool enough and warm enough with just one layer. Well, it also feels super satisfying when I can put together an outfit with just two pieces. I love the simplicity of this outfit even though it’s full of color.

I think I saved the best for last. I certainly wouldn’t wear this dress and jacket combo to, say, a day volunteering on a pig farm, but I think it’s acceptable to wear it to most outings. Think brunch, church, picnic, gettogether. I love how bright and colorful it is without being neon or too tweeny-looking. It’s classy and comfortable and cheerful for sure!

I’m trying to add more dresses like this one to my go-to picks because I just love the girly vibe it brings. Based on my previous outfits during this series, I’d say I have a pretty neutral, and maybe even boyish, style. Throwing myself a curveball like this dress and jacket keeps things fresh.

My two-piece spring fling look:

  1. Dress \\ Madewell via ThredUp
  2. Jacket \\ Banana Republic (old) \\ I would go to ThredUp first if replacement was needed!

I was so surprised to find this gem of a dress on ThredUp. I knew they carried a couple of Madewell items (usually shirts), but I had never seen this dress advertised. I am a Madewell admirer for their style, but not really for their manufacturing. This is why second-hand is so great. I can still wear the styles I want without actually supporting the original manufacturing of the garment. It also helps the environment!  I recently learned that the textile industry is one of the highest polluters. I don’t know about you, but that was suprising to me. I never thought about how my clothes could impact the environment or really where they came from. Sure, I could see MADE IN CHINA printed on the tag, but I didn’t think much past that. Now, I am very conscious of where my new (or new-to-me) pieces are made and sourced. Each part of the process is so important and impacts the environment and the people and communities where the garment is made.

I plan to do more posts about the textile and garment industry in the future. For now I will leave a few links below that have helped open my eyes to the bigger picture.

Thanks for sticking with me on this 14- day journey based on the exercise presented in The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees. I hope it inspired some of you to try it out and look more closely at your wardrobe, style, and it’s impact on the world.

I’ll post a recap of the series later this week. It will be the first post with my new posting schedule, so stay tuned!

Until then,



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