The Curated Closet Series | Day 9 | Sweater Weather Forever!

I have to be honest. I’m super giddy about this getup! I threw it on after work with the intentions of running errands, but ended up staying in all night instead. Hubs and I made pizza and finished off with some organic ice cream.


I was never a big fan of knit sweaters like this until last year. I purchased this sweater to wear while we traveled Iceland for our honeymoon. I wanted to pack neutral pieces that I could mix and match since we were just bringing carry-ons for 12 days of travel. I can still pair it with pretty much any of my casual pants. I usually like to wear just a simple white tank underneath, but sometimes for colder weather, there is enough room to wear a t-shirt or even a thin long sleeve if you don’t mind the sleeves poking out by the wrists. This sweater has a more boxy shape, but I think the knit patterns and the neckline are still flattering. I feel very comfortable in this sweater, so much that I am looking forward to adding more chunky sweaters to my wardrobe. It’s heavy and warm, but doesn’t smother me and the material is super soft and not at all itchy. That last part is very important in my book. My skin is dry and itchy enough in the winter time without added itchy fabrics.

Below the waist is the same from the morning of Day 5. I love pairing these jeans with any casual top since they fit a little loose. I also like to roll up just the bottom seam and pair it with either flats or my gray sneaks.

I feel like this outfit just matches with green. It’s all very neutral and natural and fresh. If needed, I would add my army green jacket on top for some added water resistance and/or warmth.


For me, this outfit is the ultimate casual fall/winter look. I love how clean and comfy it looks (and feels!). I think chunky sweaters are on trend now, and this outfit makes me feel like I fit right in to the mix. You can definitely bet I’ll be grabbing for this outfit for upcoming trips and weekend/evening activities.

Outfit details & other options:

  1. Sweater \\ Madewell \\ I know I’ve been talking about Mud Jeans a lot lately, but they also carry this sweater and I hope to make it a part of my wardrobe soon!
  2. Tank \\ Maurices \\ I’ve never heard of Threads 4 Thought before researching for this post, but it seems like a neat shop. This tank is similar to mine, although it does seem a little more loose towards the bottom hem. I like my tank because it loosely hugs my torso down to my hips.
  3. Jeans \\ Lucky Brand via ThredUp
  4. Shoes \\ Target \\ Veja is a shoe company that specializes in environmentally, ethically, and vegan production for sneakers. Once my gray shoes give out, I think I’ll be giving Veja a try.
  5. Jacket \\ LL Bean \\ there are a BUNCH of vintage army jacket options on Etsy

I hope everyone had a happy hump day this week! Any fun plans for the weekend? Leave a comment below!

Always searching for non-itchy sweaters,



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