Day 8 Header Image: Winter Layers for Warm Climates

The Curated Closet Series | Days 7&8 | Winter Layers for Warm Climates

Woahhhhh, we’re half way there!

I’m excited that I’ve actually made it this far and that I plan on finishing this 14-day journey. It’s been a journey not only for me and my style habits, but also a steep learning/adapting curve to blogging every day. I’m not the best with actually sticking with something like this, but I think that because I’ve been sharing it on my Instagram and on the Internet in general, it’s forced me to keep going. It’s been a great experience so far. I even have some fun post topics lined up for later!

On Day 7 we painted and cleaned and rearranged some furniture. The whole day was spent at home. I wore my painting outfit (from Day 5). Yep, the same exact one. And moving on…

For Day 8, I wanted to wear something warm and soft. I wore this same outfit with different bottoms late last year and received a lot of nice comments on it at work. So, I thought I would try it again.


This outfit is great for the fall/winter. The layers kept me super warm the entire day, but were flowy enough that I felt comfortable. That is definitely important here in the south where the winter average is more like spring to the rest of the U.S. Let’s just say I haven’t had to wear anything thicker than a rain jacket for most of this season. That being said, we all know that layers are key to winter style anywhere.

The shirt is actually a shirt dress and is so incredibly soft. The cardigan is thicker (and seemingly more durable) than the typical long cardigan and I love the extra fabric it has for the long collar. I think it gives it a little boost of schnazzy-ness to the whole thing. When I originally put this outfit together, I didn’t include the belt and I just felt that the top was missing something. It was a little too flowy, and honestly it just looked too big. When I rummaged through my accessories drawer, I saw my little light brown belt and just knew that it would finish off the look. I thought about putting the belt under the cardigan, but it just got hidden and the cardigan was still a little too unstructured for the look that I was going for. So, I put the belt on the outside. It almost felt a little like putting my underwear on the outside of my pants, you know, like how all the superheroes do it, but it worked and I love the look. It helps to keep everything in its place and adds a little horizontal cinch in an otherwise very straight and vertical shape.

The jeans, again, are my black jeans that I wear over and over and over. Like I’ve said previously, I only have 3 pairs of jeans and they are all a completely different wash/color and slightly different style. I love that I know exactly which jeans I need to grab for whatever top I’m styling. I don’t think I’ll ever increase my amount of jeans. Instead, I would just replace a pair if it was necessary.

The boots in this getup are ones I’ve had for a few years, and honestly haven’t really loved… ever. I keep them around because I know they are the coveted Frye brand boots and I do like the style, just not the fit. I’m pretty sure they’re a size 8. I can usually go between a 7.5 and 8 depending on the brand, but these boots are huge. My feet swim in them even with an extra insert. I usually have to wear them with my thickest hiking socks, which doesn’t always have the best outcome in 70 degree weather and tall leather boots. For those of you saying, “well, Lauren, why didn’t you just return them when you first tried them on?” I would tell you that I ordered them online and the first pair I received was completely the wrong size (size 11, wut.) and by the time I finally got these, I was too excited to have them and too annoyed with the whole process to go through it again. So, I just thought that I would wear thick socks with them and be fine with it. Apparently not.

If I could change anything about this outfit, it would be the boots. I would opt for booties with a slightly smaller heel that are a better color match to my belt. I think that it would not only be a little trendier, but also suit my updated style better and pull the outfit together more cohesively.

When I wore this outfit late last year, I actually wore my black running leggings instead of black jeans. It was a bit more comfortable, but I could definitely tell I wasn’t wearing proper pants, so I decided that wouldn’t be a great idea for work. It might, however, be a fantastic option for traveling. Especially combined with some worn in booties that are good for walking. I could easily see myself curled up with my Kindle on an airplane in the leggings version of this outfit on my way to a business trip.

Check out my outfit deets:

  1. Shirt dress \\ Cloth & Stone via ThredUp
  2. Cardigan \\ Columbia via ThredUp
  3. Belt \\ came with a skirt I got years ago from a department store
  4. Jeans \\ Anthropologie \\ have you heard of Mud Jeans? They’re a denim company that prides itself on circular design which is more sustainable and better for the planet!
  5. Boots \\ Frye \\ as winter wraps up, I’m sure we’ll see a good selection of boots in ThredUp and other thrift stores \\ this article also lists some eco-friendly and ethical shoe brands to keep an eye on.

Feel free to use my referral link for ThredUp to get $10 off on your purchase!

We all know we hold on to things for silly reasons, be it a piece of clothing or shoes or a kitchen appliance we know we will never use. What’s that one thing that you’re holding on to?

I’m really excited about the outfit for tomorrow, stay tuned!



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