The Curated Closet Series | Days 3&4 | Lounging in Patterns

This is my typical outfit that I throw on when I get home from work. My job often requires me to wear a fire-retardant uniform, and when I get home from work all I want to do is put on some comfy clothes that make me feel great. My after-work lounge outfits usually consist of a sports bra, t-shirt, a selection from my fave sweatshirt stash, and either these running shorts or one of my few pairs of leggings. I can curl up on the couch or just be comfortable while washing the dishes and tidying up.

I believe it was either Marie Kondo’s book or a book I read on French fashion that said that it’s best to avoid these types of clothes and that one should “dress up” even if staying in. While I agree that I feel my absolute best when I put intention into my outfit and accomplish the effortlessly chic look, I don’t feel great when I wear such an outfit and have no where to go. I start to feel silly and too overdressed for my couch and cats. I also don’t like to curl up or cuddle when I’m in a nice outfit. It could wrinkle! Or, let’s be real, I don’t want to get cat hair on my black jeans.

When some people picture loungewear or “house clothes,” they may picture an old baggy high school t-shirt and old soccer shorts. While that combo may be in fact comfortable, I know I wouldn’t feel confident or cute wearing it. I want to be presentable to myself (and my hubby). I believe that even if it’s just clothes you wear around your house, the pieces should still fit your style. I love these patterns and the fit makes it easy to contort myself into whatever couch-sitting-position I want at the moment. So, while I may not wear these clothes to an event, I wouldn’t be overly embarrassed if a friend or neighbor knocked on the door.

Pullover: This is a 3/4 zip sweatshirt from my soccer days at college. It is by far my favorite sweatshirt for its fit and color.
T-shirt: any cotton t-shirt that fits (shouldn’t be too snug anywhere, but certainly not baggy)
Shorts: Lululemon distance running shorts (similar).
Tights: LuLaRoe (from my sister-in-law, check out her stuff!)
Socks: Cartoon animal socks from Amazon (link). My husband has gotten me a pack of this type of sock for the past two years. I love them! It’s like a cute little secret under my boots.

Don’t forget to check second-hand options like ThredUp and other eco-friendly fashion retailers before buying from a “normal” retailer, and always make sure whatever piece you want to purchase is good for YOU. It doesn’t matter if it looks good on someone else.

What are some of your go to around-the-house pieces? Maybe this is an area of your wardrobe that you haven’t really considered as actually part of your wardrobe. Well it is! Consider every single piece of clothing as part of that wardrobe of yours and own it.


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