The Curated Closet Series | Day 2 | Comfy Cozy Classy

Day 2: Comfy Cozy Classy

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I love this blazer. It’s knit and soft and stretchy. It keeps me warm without making me feel bundled up. I feel like I’m dressing up and down at the same time. I love wearing this blazer to big meetings and more corporate-type events. I even wore it to one of my bridal showers, actually. Looking back, that was probably not the best style choice, but I felt great and that’s all that matters, right?

The tank I’m wearing under the blazer is pretty basic (insert coffee cup emoji here). It is a white thick strap tank that is slightly long and a comfortable fit. It is looser around the chest and tummy, but fitted around the waist, helping it to stay in place while I’m sitting down, standing up, and running around between meetings.

These pants are one of my favorite pairs of pants. They are simple, black jeans that are tight and stretchy. They are NOT jeggings, which I believe is important, especially if I am going to wear them at work. The pants keep their shape and stay structured even after a long day of wear including sitting, standing, squatting, bending, and walking.

I’m also wearing my first ever pair of ankle boots! I caught on to the trend pretty late and although I haven’t gone out to buy additional pairs, I am definitely a convert. My other boots in my closet consist of tall boots, hiking boots, snow boots, and ski boots. I also have steel toe boots for work, but that’s besides the point. The booties make me feel girly and trendy and pretty confident. After wearing them for a while I have concluded that they are really comfy. I could have probably gone with a half size smaller, though, since my feet do slide just a bit and the heel is a little slippy. Maybe I will try a new pair in 2018 if the trend is still going (or maybe even if it’s not!). This is the point of this exercise – to really dive into my current wardrobe and make meticulous notes about each piece that I choose to wear in the 14 days. I’m glad I’m already getting so much good info.

If you can’t tell, I love outfits that allow me to move! I really don’t like feeling restricted in my clothes, but I also don’t like wearing oversized or over-flowy pieces either. I love the structured, fitted look, but I usually like to achieve that with pieces that fit well and that have just a bit of stretch. I wore this outfit today because of a community meeting I attended on behalf of my company this evening with the local neighborhood near the facility in which I work. I wanted to appear professional yet friendly to our neighbors and dress up without being over powerful or corporate. I think I achieved my style goal and felt pretty good in this outfit all day. I am even still wearing it now as I type this post sitting on the edge of my couch.

Blazer: Anthropologie
Tank: Maurices
Pants: Anthropologie

Booties: Toms

What are your go-to pieces for feeling great or for when you need to put on your A-game and be in front of people? What do you go for when you need to achieve high productivity all day?

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