The Curated Closet Series | Day 1 | Solid Colors & Subtle Patterns

Over the next 14 days, I will document my outfits and how I feel about them. It is one of the first exercises of the Curated Closet book by Anuschka Rees. The exercise is supposed to help you go through your CURRENT clothes and determine which of the pieces you really enjoy and which ones you could probably replace with a better fit or style or which ones you could remove from your closet completely. It will also challenge me to be a little more creative and to certainly write more. Since I won’t be buying any new clothes this year (except for my one allowed purchase at Tradlands – maybe more on that later) I won’t be actively replacing/replenishing anything in my wardrobe until 2018. I hope that this will help me to really love my closet and to curate it carefully because I’ll have a long year to try out and analyze each and every piece.

Cheers to Day 1!

Day 1: solid colors and subtle patterns

I love the idea of this outfit. The colors are a great balance of professionalism and fun and the details on the white blouse provide a slight contrast to the solid colors.

This shirt has been in my closet for a LONG time. I’m pretty sure my mom got this shirt for me in high school when she went to Atlanta with a friend. She told me about this cool new brand that is (was) similar to Hollister, Ruehl (after doing some research, it looks like Ruehl was actually owned by Abercrombie & Fitch). I had never heard of it before and loved all of the clothes she brought home for me. I wore most of them so much that only this shirt and the camisole I wear with it have survived. Unfortunately for the current generation of high schoolers today, Ruehl no longer exists. However, my shirt is still in pretty good shape. I’ll admit, there are slight pit stains, but no other major signs of wear. I’m pretty rough on my clothes, I think, so this is a good testament to the quality of this piece. I hope to keep it for many more years. The pattern is classy and the fit/form is so feminine without being frilly. I can easily dress it up and down by pairing it with different pants and layers.

I usually wear this camisole under this shirt as the cut is pretty low. It has a nice subtle lace detail at the top and the material of the rest of the tank is so soft. It’s a great combo of tight and stretchy so that I feel like it is snug without riding up. This cami definitely shows much more signs of wear (small holes, threads coming out, etc.). While that may sound pretty gross, I continue to wear it because it is always under another shirt that covers most of those flaws and I haven’t been able to find another cami that provides the same subtle style and feel. I will keep looking until I find a replacement that is worthy.

I was the biggest fan of cardigans. I thought it was the easiest way to take an outfit to the next level, especially if that outfit consisted of jeans and a tank top. I have since edited my cardigan selection to only the few that I absolutely love and this cardigan was one of the first in the “keep” pile. It’s soft and not too short or too long, a great shade of navy, and has a great shape. It doesn’t roll off my shoulders or feel too big or small. I love combining all of these top pieces together often.

The part of this outfit that probably could be “curated” is the pants. I love the color and the style. They certainly cater to a more fun side of business casual. They seem great! But, whenever I wear these pants, my husband comments on the fit around my rear. The fit is loose, but the crotch seam is tight (I don’t know if that’s the right word here, but basically the pants ride up my crack and accentuate my cheeks). It does make me feel a bit self conscious, especially because I want to look professional or at least semi-professional. I want to wear comfortable, nicely fitted clothes that are professional yet also a little fun and earthy, but I certainly don’t want to give people a reason to wonder if my pants are appropriate for work. I think these pants will be one of the first things replaced in 2018 when I start buying clothes again. These are still good pants, don’t get me wrong. I will probably wear them a few more times this year, but there are probably better options out there for me and my bottom. Unless it gets smaller. Then maybe I can keep them 😃

Cami and blouse: Ruehl
Cardigan: J. Crew
Pants: The Limited

Flats: Target

Are there any pieces that you just can’t live without? This blouse will always be in my wardrobe as long as it is wearable. Are there any pieces you’ve kept for a long time and still magically fit into? Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, anyone? I still don’t understand how they can all fit in to those jeans and how they aren’t completely stretched out since no one washes them.

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